A Backyard Bluestone Patio

With privacy wall and cedar shade structure

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We have worked with Mel several times, and each time was a pleasure! First, he put in bamboo floors throughout our first floors. They look wonderful still, four years later. house. Next, after a large tree damaged our house, Mel rebuilt the eaves and soffits and redid the shingles on our two-story house. He was very careful to set up equipment to protect himself and ensure that the job was done safely and well. And then we asked Mel to re-roof our garage. Carpenter ants had eaten away most of the rafters, so he had to rebuild the supports too. In every case, we were pleased with our interactions with Mel, his attention to quality, and his thoughtful decisions about what would be best for us, considering cost and durability. He’s a fine and skilled craftsman, and a wonderful person to work with!

Mel Fros has worked on various projects on our house, large and small, since 2006. We can state unequivocally that his work is uniformly excellent. In the spring and summer of 2006 Mel built a substantial addition to our house, transforming a small screened porch into a year round, large, comfortable, attractive room in which we now spend more time together than in any other room in the house. We frequently receive compliments on the quality of the workmanship from visitors. The job was done close to the time frame originally estimated by Mel and the cost came in close also. Mel has also done substantial remodeling to our kitchen (2008), masonry work on our chimney, gutter work, roof work, etc. We recommend him warmly and without reservation. (Mel is deaf, but e-mail and some times hand written notes easily take care of communication. He’s also good at lip reading.)

Mel Fros has completed a number of house projects for me — from installing 10 new Pella windows to scraping and repainting parts of the outside of the house to repairing a “squirrelly” hole in the roof (which was responsible for extensive water in the basement). Mel’s work has been highly professional, start to finish. I have been very pleased with the quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness of his work. And I consider it a privilege to work with such a skilled craftsman, who also happens to be an enthusiastic soccer player and coach and who also happens to be deaf.

I would recommend Mel Fros to all my friends.

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