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DENKENS A sunny Sunday’s musings Ich denke means “I think.”  There often is ample time to reflect on this project as Daniel and I toil day in day out amidst splashes of fall colors, to get the building completely enclosed and rain-proof. For instance, schlepping sheet after sheet of plywood up the staircase affords me


Mel prepares the garage slab for pouring by setting forms to the correct elevation.  The foundation block was laid such that the top of the slab will be in the same elevation as the interior floor, eliminating the need for a typical step or two into the house.  I wish I could have snapped some photos during


Blocking between the rafters creates extra rigidity to prevent “racking.”  We cut a large circular opening in each block that allows for airflow from the attic to the ridge vent that will be installed along the peak of the roof. Below we are sheathing the roof, one of the more physically demanding and draining tasks we have