Siding 1

Siding the dormer was tricky – setting up a big platform off of the scaffolding gave me stable footing and a work station.  We wanted to get this part of the house completed before it gets too hot, because the shingles are at greater risk for wear when they heat up.  We protect with mats to be


The built-ins are a key component of the house, and some of the most fun things to build!  They make the house feel more like a home.  Most of the built-in furniture is located in the habitable attic.  The storage areas behind the 5′ knee walls are conducive to accommodating built-ins.  This way, the furniture doesn’t


To make this interesting for the casual reader I will try to highlight the main points and allow the photos to do most of the “talking”. I have five tile-cutting tools at my disposal!   Substrate I face a special situation: Bathroom floor must be in the same plane as the engineered hardwood floor in


The deep walls make for correspondingly deep window sills – deep enough to place small potted plants, picture frames, or other trinkets.  We use medium density fiberboard for window trim, door trim, and baseboard.  The frame expanders and sills are made out of solid hardwood (poplar) since they are potentially subjected to more wear. The trim is


Convenience always comes at a price! Most doors are installed pre-hung. They are slapped into place and held with nails. Ugh!! I rarely purchase pre-hung doors! They are awkward to transport and store. Factory spacing between the door and its frame is often not to my liking. Then too, the whole assembly needs to be