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The Vision

After several months of envisioning, discussing, planning, drawing, and re-drawing, the time has come for us to make our dream a reality! The initial inspiration for this project was born out of the time my father and I spent in San Antonio a few years ago remodeling the exterior of a close relative’s home.  The prevailing style

An Artsy Window

One of our clients purchased a beautiful pane of stained glass that he discovered while visiting the West Coast.  From a bulding in Vancouver to a home in Champaign, he entrusted us to find a way to safely and securely install it into an opening where an old bay window used to be.  We designed […]

An Elliptic Ceiling

This curved ceiling is an exhibit of the “Greek theme” that guides the remodeling of this bedroom to stylistically match adjoining areas of the house (see “A Remodel With a Greek Theme – Stage One”).  Our client handed us a basic sketch that indicated a vision for the design – a 9′ recessed ceiling, an 8′ soffit around […]

A Fiber Cement Board Makeover

This project takes place for a relative all the way in Texas.  Can you tell from the photos that we are outside of central Illinois?  Structural repairs are necessary before any siding work can commence. Working in the summer heat day-in day-out is exhausting and we quickly learn the reasons behind the invention of the […]