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To make this interesting for the casual reader I will try to highlight the main points and allow the photos to do most of the “talking”. I have five tile-cutting tools at my disposal!   Substrate I face a special situation: Bathroom floor must be in the same plane as the engineered hardwood floor in


Convenience always comes at a price! Most doors are installed pre-hung. They are slapped into place and held with nails. Ugh!! I rarely purchase pre-hung doors! They are awkward to transport and store. Factory spacing between the door and its frame is often not to my liking. Then too, the whole assembly needs to be


When I first started taping drywall, I was told that the less I sand, the better! That was way back in 1973 when, as a college graduate in search for a career, I was handed drywall tools. I’ve come a long way since then! Taping and finishing drywall is pleasant work, provided one has strong


DENKENS A sunny Sunday’s musings Ich denke means “I think.”  There often is ample time to reflect on this project as Daniel and I toil day in day out amidst splashes of fall colors, to get the building completely enclosed and rain-proof. For instance, schlepping sheet after sheet of plywood up the staircase affords me

Work and Play

Good morning to you Good morning to you Whatever the weather We’ll make it together In work or in play A beautiful day! Our vacation is approaching! “Up North,” somewhere near Hayward, Wisconsin, the Moose Lake Bags Tournament awaits us! We are the defending champions. It’s time to practice! We bring our game boards and


Today it’s sunny, hooray! We have come a long way! It is a pleasure to lay block after months of planning, drawing, re-drawing, permit applications, meetings, and more meetings….and…uh…bone chilling weather! A week of rain and cold slowed down foundation block work. But now week of sunny, cool weather beckons. We are sure to make