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A River of Mosaic Tile

I will describe how I work with tiles and stones of varying thickness and sizes. Tile thicknesses vary from 3/8” to 1/8”. Face dimensions range from large, 1’x2’ to tip-of-the-finger! Most of the tiles will be laid on flat surfaces. Some will be installed on curved walls and the dual pitched shower floor. A good […]

A Remodel With a Greek Theme

I am extremely pleased to offer you a view of how four people, an interior designer, the owner, an artist and I collaborated to birth an extraordinary project. The details are too many to recall, and the work progressed slowly, over a period of 6 months. I trust the result speaks for itself. It is […]

A Patina Headboard

Patina headboard

Jay ‎“Who’s knocking there?” 🙂 Jay Nice piece of work! I like seeing something that was destined for the dump find a new life with a bit of imagination & craftsmanship…I suppose it’s re-incarnation… Margot Some thoughts from my other half for you: “Are you unhinged, Man?” “I adore it” “Glazedover eyes” Linda you could […]

A Back Bustin’ Paver Job

Pavers laid from control lines

Some years ago I did a complete make-over on an Urbana home, adding a large addition (sunroom, bedroom and bathroom) and a deck in the back yard. It did not surprise me when my client asked me to replace his decaying concrete driveway with pavers. He reasoned that pavers would give his house added value […]