The built-ins are a key component of the house, and some of the most fun things to build!  They make the house feel more like a home.  Most of the built-in furniture is located in the habitable attic.  The storage areas behind the 5′ knee walls are conducive to accommodating built-ins.  This way, the furniture doesn’t infringe upon the space in the room.  One of the built-ins is an entertainment center that houses the television.  The “cubes” surrounding the television can fit fabric storage bins.

Below I am putting together dresser drawers.  One of the challenges I face is to size the drawers according to the space that is available for them to occupy.  The ceiling behind the 5′ knee wall slopes down to the floor, so the top few drawers are sized a bit smaller to avoid bumping into the ceiling.  It is essential to keep careful track of the dimensions of the drawers and framework so that nothing binds and the entire unit operates smoothly when it is in place.  A little bit of lubricant where wood-meets-wood helps the drawers glide in and out with minimal effort.

We also built a simple bookshelf that along with the dresser gives character to a bedroom.

Pantry shelving in the kitchen.



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