Framing for all parts of the roof – a gable, a porch, and a dormer – is occupying our time over many weeks.  For this reason, we decided to sheath over the entirety of the main roof and open up later where necessary, reducing the toll that rainy days can take on our morale.  Now it is time for the dormer to be opened up to bring light into a room that one day hopes to grow up to be a bedroom or office.  We take advantage of a patch of dry work days to make excellent progress.

I am pleased to see the design starting to showcase itself.  The front gable, porch entry, and dormer are set forward/backward to different extents, creating a layered effect that gives the house a sense of depth.  This effect will become even more prominent with the addition of a garage that occupies the background of the facade.  Excited for the next stage, but enjoying the one we’re in.

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