The excavators have spread out pea gravel in the crawlspace and have opted to build formwork for the footings, rather than dig a trench. This affords us a few extra inches in the crawlspace. HVAC contractors, you can thank us now!

Due to the aforementioned sloping grade, a step down in the footing was necessary towards the back of the house to ensure that the foundation wall extends deep enough below the frost line. This way we don’t have to backfill more than we are comfortable with. The step down is 16”, which will be accounted for by an extra two courses of block.

The “bump-out” in the footing you see in the picture below creates space for the utilities. This area will inhabit the garage and will be accessible from the garage, but it is designed so that water lines and ducting can extend into the crawlspace without having to go through the foundation wall at any point. This also locates the water heater very close to the kitchen and near the master bathroom.

The circular concrete pads in the picture below represent points of bearing for girders that carry floor loads. Some support the first floor, others the attic floor. They are spaced precisely to ensure that floor loads are evenly distributed.



Grounding wire for electrical service panel

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