We are fortunate enough to have a full, uninterrupted week of dry, unseasonably warm weather (in the upper 70s) and take full advantage by completing the remainder of the roof  – a gable above what will be a full bathroom in the habitable attic.  We are now well-versed in the sequencing of events that has to occur to make the construction process hum along.

If you look carefully, you might notice something different about how this portion of the roof is framed relative to the other gables on the front side of the house.  (Now’s your last chance to compare it to previous blog entries before I  reveal our methods!)  The rafters in this gable bear on top of a 2’6″ “knee wall”, whereas rafters in other portions of the house extend all the way to the floor.  A house with 5′ knee walls around the second story is called a 1½ story house.  I suppose we have something like a 1¼ story house, at least where the bathroom will be.  The rest of the house is technically 1 story.  The reason for the built-up wall is to increase total floorspace under a sufficiently high ceiling.

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