Mel prepares the garage slab for pouring by setting forms to the correct elevation.  The foundation block was laid such that the top of the slab will be in the same elevation as the interior floor, eliminating the need for a typical step or two into the house.  I wish I could have snapped some photos during the pouring process, but we got caught up in the heat of battle.  Thanks to Perry Biddle for helping us pour the slab.  The machine that Mel wields in one of the pictures below is a power trowel that applies a smooth finish to the slab.  The concrete cures overnight, and the next day we are framing for the garage walls.

The garage roof is the only part of the house to receive trusses.  We plan out a sequencing of events so that the trusses can be lifted into place and braced without out ladders and scaffolding getting caught in precarious positions.

Rafter tails and carsiding are applied before the roof deck.

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