Project Updates

Blocklaying 2

The past couple weeks brought on-off rain that forced us to take breaks throughout the day. Blocklaying is physically demanding, especially on the back and wrists, so the rain delays were welcome to recover and spend time focusing on design considerations and material orders. Often times, though, the rain teetered on the brink of being


Today it’s sunny, hooray! We have come a long way! It is a pleasure to lay block after months of planning, drawing, re-drawing, permit applications, meetings, and more meetings….and…uh…bone chilling weather! A week of rain and cold slowed down foundation block work. But now week of sunny, cool weather beckons. We are sure to make

Blocklaying 1

Bungalow: block delivery

The foundation block was delivered into the pit with a boom truck, saving us the back-breaking work of having to haul them by hand down into the crawlspace. We ordered a number of different sizes of block – 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” (these dimensions refer to the width). The floor system sits lower to


The excavators have spread out pea gravel in the crawlspace and have opted to build formwork for the footings, rather than dig a trench. This affords us a few extra inches in the crawlspace. HVAC contractors, you can thank us now! Due to the aforementioned sloping grade, a step down in the footing was necessary

Breaking Ground

The neighbors are taking notice and are interested to know about our plans. Everyone seems to be enthused about our intentions. One woman walks around the block six times for her daily morning exercise. A cyclist breezes down Grange Drive around 5 P.M. each evening, often stopping to inquire about our progress. A young couple brings

The Vision

After several months of envisioning, discussing, planning, drawing, and re-drawing, the time has come for us to make our dream a reality! The initial inspiration for this project was born out of the time my father and I spent in San Antonio a few years ago remodeling the exterior of a close relative’s home.  The prevailing style