The color scheme for the house is predominantly along the lines of greys and slate blues, giving the house a more mature, modern feel.  There are some splashes of more vibrant colors that provide character to select areas of the house.

The grey hues adopt different tonal qualities to the naked eye as the daylight shifts throughout the day.The upstairs playroom is inspired by the gradient of azure hues that span the sky from the horizon to zenith.  The playroom has a large volume of space – 36′ long and 11′ tall at its peak.  The sky blue adds to the sense of openness and expansivity, hopefully the same feelings that the kids will sense as they play!

I took a lot of testing, trial, and error with different mixtures of colors and glaze, as well as different application techniques.  I found that a high volume, low pressure spray gun allowed me the greatest degree of control, enabling me to apply very thin coats and layer/blend colors.


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