Front Porch

Here I am prepping a rafter for the front porch.  We are sure to select arrow-straight lumber for this instance, as it is visible from beneath.  We run it through the table saw to rip a sliver off one end of the board, creating a smooth edge.  We round over the edges and give it a quick power sanding – enough to smooth out problem spots while leaving some “character” in the wood.  After a coat of primer is applied, it is ready to go up.

porch 8

I love this sequence of photos, as they give insight into how we thought the framing process through.

The exposed framework theme is extended to the front porch.  The porch ceiling is flat from the underside, while the roof has a slight pitch to help shed water and snow.  Since a lot of water is channeled over the porch roof, a flat roof could have created a problem spot.  Soon after completion, the roof was put to the test by a heavy douse of rain.


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