Today it’s sunny, hooray! We have come a long way! It is a pleasure to lay block after months of planning, drawing, re-drawing, permit applications, meetings, and more meetings….and…uh…bone chilling weather! A week of rain and cold slowed down foundation block work. But now week of sunny, cool weather beckons. We are sure to make good progress. I purchased a hat with a flap for neck protection and ordered SPF 50 long sleeved sport shirts. My skin is leathery enough already – I don’t want crocodile skin!

Just before the block was delivered, I discovered that a furred neighborhood resident had built her nest and given birth on what will be the future garage floor! She had not asked for permission, nor applied for a building permit. Imagine!  Rabbits may come a dime a dozen, but Daniel and I respect their right to build their nests and raise their young. Just because humans are at the top of the food chain does not give special rights and privileges. If we had found babies in the nest we would have taken care not to disturb them and their mother.  The other day, late afternoon, a Peregrine Falcon swooped in and perched on the branch of a pine tree. With a wink of the eye I told Daniel to look busy, lest the raptor mistaken him for a tasty supper.  I wonder if the falcon has anything to do with the empty nest…

Building without a permit! Someone call the city inspector!

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