The Vision

After several months of envisioning, discussing, planning, drawing, and re-drawing, the time has come for us to make our dream a reality! The initial inspiration for this project was born out of the time my father and I spent in San Antonio a few years ago remodeling the exterior of a close relative’s home.  The prevailing style of architecture in the neighborhood was the bungalow. We were intrigued and inspired by what we saw there and in the nearby historic district.

modern craftsman bungalow 1

When we noticed a small, jewel of a lot for sale in an established neighborhood in Urbana, things quickly became much more real! We leafed through books about bungalows, craftsman design, the Arts & Crafts movement, and magazine articles, and came up with an initial design that embodies our collective tastes and values. This is a family project in the truest sense of the term. We value beauty in simplicity, attention to detail, and function. We hope the passion we have for thoughtful construction will be evident in the end result. Putting our minds and bodies to all phases of construction allows us to manifest the artistic vision with less chance of something being lost in translation.  We find joy in the process of it all.

Staking out on a Saturday evening

As you can see, the lot is endowed with a significant mound – at least significant for Illinois.  This is ideal for drainage purposes and ensuring a dry crawlspace, but poses a few extra challenges during the excavation phase.

The three bosses – Mel, Daniel, and Janet

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