Wall Framing 2

We continue framing exterior and partition walls.  We are very mindful of conserving materials.  The design of the house uses a little more lumber than is typical, but is offset by gains in other areas.  We make an effort to avoid unnecessarily wasting materials.  There are many opportunities to execute on this value of ours.  An accurate estimate is a great way to start.  Planning out how many pieces you can get from a board to avoid useless scraps is another strategy.  Small scraps can be pieced together in non-structural areas if need be.  Some windows and doors can be located to avoid extraneous studs.  Drywall clips will be used in lieu of extra studs that serve no other function than backing for drywall nails.  Fewer studs allows for more thoroughly insulated walls.

wall framing 12
wall framing 11

It is pleasurable to see the house taking form and developing a sense of space.  One can get a better feel for the layout of the house than by viewing a floor plan alone.

wall framing 13

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