Breaking Ground

The neighbors are taking notice and are interested to know about our plans. Everyone seems to be enthused about our intentions. One woman walks around the block six times for her daily morning exercise. A cyclist breezes down Grange Drive around 5 P.M. each evening, often stopping to inquire about our progress. A young couple brings their son to push around gravel with his Tonka truck.  Even a curious cat stops in for a peek now and again.


One morning, a toddler playing in the adjacent yard greets us outfitted in a reflective vest, armed with a tape measure. I poke at him with my own tape through the fence from 10 feet away. He attempts to mirror me, but his tape breaks after extending less than a foot. I ask his mother if he is looking for employment, and if milk will suffice as payment.

The excavation moves along at an impressive pace. The weather cooperated, allowing the excavators to fully dig out the crawlspace within a couple of days. We are impressed with the precision that they are able to achieve. The bottom of the crawlspace is very level.

Excavation complete!

Trench for municipal water supply line with a barrier for safety purposes.  A lot of kids go up and down the sidewalk on their bikes.