A Crisp, Clean Library Remodel

A client hires us to help her envision what can be done to a drab room to transform it into a classy living room / office hybrid.  They space has a lot of potential, and we inform her where her money is best spent.  She indicates that she wants lots of shelf space to store her books.  The room is surrounded by windows on three sides.  With an abundance of natural light already flooding the room, an east-facing picture window is sacrificed to allow space for side-by-side bookshelves.  Lots of glass also means the space is prone to getting chilly in the winter, so the old windows are replaced with energy efficient Pella windows.

The old ceiling tiles aren’t so attractive, so they are removed and replaced with drywall, at the same time giving us the opportunity to install recessed lights.  Beneath the old, shaggy carpet is a diamond-in-the-rough fir floor.  It was covered up due to the dings, scratches, and wear patterns that become evident as we remove the carpet.  We are keen to embrace the challenge of resuscitating the floor!  It requires heavy initial sanding to remove deep dings and scratches, and a lot of subsequent fine grit sanding to ease out the “scratches” that the coarse grit sandpaper leaves behind.

Everything is coming together.  The floor is stained and varnished to a beautiful rich tone that is a refreshing sight after years of living with a less than desirable carpet!  It has character!  The avocado-toned walls and bookshelves paired with white trim contrast beautifully with the floor.  In addition to four bookshelves built into the wall, we construct sitting areas beneath two of the windows that have removable lids and storage areas within.

Below are close-ups of the detailed trim work to match other parts of the house.

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