An Artsy Window

One of our clients purchased a beautiful pane of stained glass that he discovered while visiting the West Coast.  From a bulding in Vancouver to a home in Champaign, he entrusted us to find a way to safely and securely install it into an opening where an old bay window used to be.  We designed it to fit in tandem with a Pella window pane and to be removable, if necessary, for occasional cleaning.  Inconspicuous venting prevents moisture between the stained glass and the fixed pane.  Casement windows with internal retractable shades sit to each side of the piece of art.  The arched opening adds an extra appeal.  From the outside, synthetic stucco is painted to a color that blends with the brick.  Since color matching is subjective, we paint many samples and make sure that our client is satisfied with the selection.

V2 bed 8

Wrapping my mind around the design – a mistake could mean my head!


V2 bed 5





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