A Fiber Cement Board Makeover

This project takes place for a relative all the way in Texas.  Can you tell from the photos that we are outside of central Illinois?  Structural repairs are necessary before any siding work can commence.

Working in the summer heat day-in day-out is exhausting and we quickly learn the reasons behind the invention of the siesta!  When in San Antonio, we do as the San Antonioans do and work in the early hours and into the late evenings.  Fortunately, San Pedro Springs park is not too far away and we take a dip in the re-invigorating water.

The image below indicates the degree of the improvement, while the essence of the house remains more or less the same.  An array of tools and tried-and-true methods are implemented to make the labor intensive material go up as easily and securely as possible.

Fiber cement board takes paint well and the multiple coats of Sherwin Williams Duration paint should stand up to the intense Texas sun and heat as well as any paint job could.  We give an unconditional 15-year guarantee on the paint job.  If there is any reason other than paint fading or dirt accumulation, we will re-paint with no labor charge.


  1. David Cole January 5, 2017 at 3:06 PM #

    Very nice looking Mel. Eventually i will put Hardie Siding on my home.


  2. Tina Carrington March 17, 2017 at 10:36 AM #

    I’m interested in having my Urbana home resided. We’re exploring cost and material options. Would you mind coming by sometime to discuss the possibilities and give an estimate?


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