A Patina Headboard

Patina headboard

Jay ‎“Who’s knocking there?” 🙂

Jay Nice piece of work! I like seeing something that was destined for the dump find a new life with a bit of imagination & craftsmanship…I suppose it’s re-incarnation…

Margot Some thoughts from my other half for you:
“Are you unhinged, Man?”
“I adore it”
“Glazedover eyes”

Linda you could stick photos in the windows

James Every time one door closes, another door opens!

Margot ‎“Old door for my pillow, glass panes o’er my head……”

Mel Fros ‎@Margot: “The moon’s golden lantern”, shattered o’er my head!

Margot Seriously to answer your question, Mel, anytime something that is about to be discarded, can be cleaned up and reused – I approve!

Jim That will be great if you can add three more windows 😉

Snook nice, very nice…

Mel Fros Wowsie, friends! I am blushing! All these favorable comments. I showed the pic to a soccer buddy and he said only Mel could think that up.

Nicole Jim says: Peek-a-Boo! lol:)

Erika Wow – very cool – I want one!

Simeon My conservative eye says it should be symmetrical but good idea otherwise!

David ‎“Bang, Bang on the door baby (B-52’s)

Mel Fros ‎@Nicole: tell your Mann the game of peek-a-Boo is streng verboten 🙂 @Ericka: What does your Mann make of this? @Sim: the buz word these days is “patina”.

David I adoor your headboard…very glassy

Renata It does look lovely, though

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