Mankin Mak

Mel has been literally doing a complete makeover of my house in the past three and a half years. He started working on my house in July 2007 and he is still not entirely done! Of course, he did not work on my house continually, but rather on quite a number of separate projects over this rather long period.

I have been very satisfied with his works for the following reasons:

  1. Mel takes pride in his work and always strives for perfection.
  2. Mel is reasonable and trustworthy when it comes to charging for what he does for a project. The satisfaction of his works makes the cost worthwhile.
  3. Without exaggeration, I would say that Mel is a jack-of-all-trades. In the past 3.5 years he replaced the siding of my house, the roof, the hardwood flooring of several rooms; renovated two bedrooms with closets, two bathrooms and utility room; replaced the old concrete driveway with one using brick pavers; completely made-over the garage. In addition, he enlarged the house by 25%, involving the construction of a new sun-room, a deck and a bedroom with an attached bathroom. These very different projects required a set of very different skills. He virtually did all these things by himself, with a little help from his son. Mel made intelligent decisions and demonstrated skills as well as great care in his execution of the projects. His craftsmanship, especially the carpentry work, is impressive.
  4. Mel lives by the motto “satisfaction guarantee” to the clients. For example, there was some leaking of rain-water through a part of the roof. He came back several times to work on it until finally there is no more leaking.
  5. Although Mel is deaf, I have had no difficulty in communicating with him. Miraculously he understands me most of the time when I talk to him. The use of email enables us to make extensive discussions about the scope, nature and costs in the planning phase of each project.
  6. However, I should point out one problem. It stems from the fact that, unlike other contractors who typically hire a team of workers for a job, Mel essentially works alone. His mode of work unavoidably makes him seemingly slow at times in completing a project. The related waiting could be problematic for some clients and could tax one’s patience if one does not plan for it in advance.

Overall, I am a very satisfied client, or else I would not have repeatedly called Mel back to do one project after another.